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We love woodworking.  The experience is rewarding, even when it's difficult.  The smell, the feel, the satisfaction of bringing something to life and to explore with each new day is why we come to work. We have many years of experience in shops and on jobsites across the country, we can speak the language of architects and contractors.  CNC and engineered materials support us in our ultimate goal of creating something that's impressive to see.

We pour our unique approach to working with wood into our collaborations with our clients.  Design is a team effort.  While we all are inspired individuals, architectural scale projects call for a team approach.  To this end we offer our version of events via our original product line, and collaboration through the custom options that can be applied to them.


Our inspirations include de Stijl, Shaker, Wright, Nakashima, Nouveau, 19th century industry, nature, and of course....the humor that flows through the workshop.  Subtleties are important.  A piece or a finish shouldn't play out as an experience on first approach.  We want our work to be more than a visual pleasure, it should be a tactile one as well.  By experimenting with material texture and surfacing we want to encourage your curiosity.  We want you to touch our work, we want the experience of design to be something that pulls you in a subtle and satisfying way.  Design should be fun, it should be a reflection of the world we want to live in.  Beautiful, satisfying, curious, and well lived.



We like to experiment with old world skills and 21st century technology on our benches.  For us, design and woodworking is not a linear experience.  We shake up the manufacturing process, we don't always wait till the end to start applying finish, and we see technology as a tool that enables our mastery of craft to fuel our design intent and input.  This workshop is where we can share our excitement and commitment with you.  

Spanning 14,000 sq ft, we're constantly making improvements to the safety and efficiency of the shop.  Our spray-booth, the heart of our facility is 2500 sq ft by itself!  Our wood waste we distribute to locals for firewood, hobbies and art, sawdust for gardeners and farms.  

Associates & Staff

Stephen Evans
Partner, Designer, Craftsman

Paddy Collins
Craftsman, Ninja

Chad Braswell

Michael Allman
Threshhold LLC

Gibson Pickett
Finishing, S&H

Colin Hartley

Lukas Berg

Brian Akers

Momma Cat
Pest Control

Pest Control

Pest Control (moved next door)